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Spring News and Notes!

It is March 15th and the temperature is supposed to get up to 65 degrees today. I hope everyone has had a chance to get their frost seeding done as there may only be a few nights frost’s left to work the seed in the soil. As the frost leaves the soil it is time to do the most important thing for your plots, large or small, A soil sample. Get your samples to our store early so we can get them shipped off to be analyzed. Once results from the lab are received we will give you recommendations to help make your plots produce to their fullest potential.

We have been busy bagging fertilizer and filling the seed bins for the spring planting season. This spring we will have Deer Gro plot start and plot boost. These are a liquid lime and liquid fertilizer products.

Also new in the store is the Extreme Blower seeder attachment. This unit mounts on most leaf blowers on the market and comes with all the parts and tools to attach to your blower. This makes planting plots with ease and not as many trips back and forth with a broadcaster.

At this point. even with the current world conditions, we are fully stocked and ready for the 2022 season. I hope to see you all soon.


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