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About Jaster's Ag Supply

Ben and Jake Jaster with the Jaster's Ag Supply sign.

Jaster’s Ag Supply is a family-owned and operated business located across central Wisconsin. 


In January of 2010, Ben Jaster purchased the Fischer’s Mill in Kingston, WI and started Jaster’s Ag! Together with the help of his wife, Megan, brother Jacob, and father Joel the business took off.

In the beginning Ben and Jacob were the company's only full-time employees. As things grew Megan came on to help run things. In 2014 they purchased their father, Joel’s lime business and all continued to work together to grow Jaster’s Ag Supply.

Throughout the years they have added more full-time employees and numerous part time seasonal workers. On most weekends and summer days you can find Ben and Megan’s kids working in the store and around the plant! 


The growth of Jaster’s Ag Supply throughout the years has included warehousing in two Montello locations, and the main office/fertilizer plant in Kingston, WI. 


In 2012 they purchased the seed warehouse east of Montello, from Brian Duffy. Brian joined the team as a full-time salesman and equipment operator.

Jaster Family in front of the Jaster's Ag Supply sign
Jaster's Ag Supply team with Jaster's Ag Supply sign in Kingston, WI.

In 2018 Jaster’s Ag purchased the site, formerly known as American Wood Working, in Montello, WI. They now use it for warehousing and equipment storage. 

Also in 2018, they purchased the former Kingston House restaurant in Kingston, WI. Initially they planned to acquire the land and keep the restaurant running. After 2 years and no suitors for the restaurant they made the decision to move their store and offices into the former restaurant.

With the official opening in November of 2020 Jaster's Ag started another new chapter of their business. 

Since then, they have expanded their store offerings in the home, garden, and deer plot sectors.

The dedicated employees of Jaster’s Ag look forward to serving you soon!

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